Counting calories made me fat.

The science of body function and optimal body performance has been studied for thousands of years yet as a society we think there is a magic answer to solve all our body problems. We seek to find ways to get faster weight loss, better skin, more nutrients all to get a better body. We seek to find information from this growing ‘trend’ ; from sometimes uninformed or inexperienced individuals thus creating uncertainty.

There is a great part to this ‘trend’ though and that is the fact that people are more aware of options for better health and this is a wonderful aspect. There are so many books, forum, websites, videos and other imagery to help us get healthy and most are from reputable and experienced individuals.

So how do we know which is best?  The best is always the most simple and logical way and it has been said and recommend by nutritionist, elite sport people, doctors and healthy individuals for years. These people recommend to eat a healthy balance diet of fresh clean foods to fuel our bodies right, to find out what makes us feel well and what makes us perform at our peak; it is simply what fuel we put in our bodies must be equal to the energy output.

This is what many refer to as a ‘science of the body’.  This means the calories and macronutrients we get from food and drink must be equal to the calorie burn or energy output. Many use a calorie counter consciously to do this making sure that every thing going ‘in’ is equal to ‘output’. This includes calculating proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, and every nutritional factor of food and drinks. There are apps available for you to type in the food and it tells you whether to eat it or not.  These apps will also alert you during the day on your phone or watch whether you are on track or not.  It’s a way of mathematical calculating the amount of calories and nutrients taken into the body unfortunately it is without you having to ‘feel’ your body function: as your switch off and depend on a calculator.

For some people they may need this but for me personally: my brain cannot handle it and neither could my body.

b.story and truth:

 I was an athlete. An elite triathlete racing (Ironman), training and 100% focused on achieving: I studied the body and every facet of it. I was currently at University and would spend extra hours in the library reading and talking. This was to learn how my body best functioned; reading and searching websites (as limited as they were in 1998).   We had the best coaches and athletes around to find every detailed piece of information and it is what kept us going every day on the bike, running, swimming and during recovery as we worked purely for the science of our bodies. We counted calories and our coaches assessed our blood glucose levels, tested our VO2, vitamin and iron levels and as well as our whole body composition (fats and muscle). We slept the correct amount of hours and we made certain everything was right. We discussed it openly in every single training session. We became obsessed with our bodies, because like many we had too to perform well however – I personally became over-obsessed with it. It made me crazy. My brain and mind became so obsessed with calculating every single piece of food and drink and assessing every training session of my effort: that is was my undoing.

I carried a calorie book everywhere; when I went out I only discussed the calories in the food and looked and stated my view upon others; I talk constantly and head obsessed over every piece of food that passed my lips. I was beginning to think I had an eating disorder and I believe I almost did. My non- athlete friends dropped off and I hardly saw them (geee I wonder why? Lol) and my body was going along wonderfully until one day.

You see I had low body fat; great muscle tone and I was in tip-top shape: but my hormones had other ideas. I could NOT hold this perfect caloric rate for an extended amount of time. This type of calorie counting is not sustainable for happy balance lifestyle.

NOTE: It is not suitable for children and should not be shown as a valuable food lifestyle for children either purely because it is not a healthy, balanced food relationship.

One day my body decided that this did not work; and my hormones and endorphins ended up causing a chemical reaction in my body. I got fat and fat fast! Meaning I gained a lot of fluid under the skin; my body simply would not flush due to a hormonal imbalance.  I did not change anything in my diet or training regime. It was literally because I was so obsessed (depressed) that my body and mind back fired.  Any obsession or stress related experience can cause a chemical reaction within the body.  My body due to this hormones and brain pheromones fighting caused the same reaction many face in depression. However, I wasn’t depressed, I was happy but my body and mind were not happy thus causing the unbalanced state.

For many of us; our brains cannot be consumed by self; when we become consumed by one self – our ego will take over. Ego is not our best self it is a tragic insecure version of us. A light bulb of concern should go off if: We can only talk about food, about calories, about nutrients, about energy output; about swim times or how breakfast made us feel; food guilt or about performance level;  even about how much we just lifted;… because this self obsession comes at a cost.

By not counting calorie and macro-nutrients you are not going ‘blind’ about your body or about your nutrition; you are actually listening to your body; how it feels when food is consumed and how it functions afterward; we do not need to follow a plan of numbers.

If we simply listen to our body by focussing on the health of whole body including ; the science of our brain and mind.  Health is a humans greatest assets because it is the overall whole body wellness that get us through life and this matters most.


Health and Happiness always,



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