Want to harness the eating head games?

Want to harness the eating head games?

We all have food struggles; trying to find what works and how our body changes over time, how we can age gracefully and how we want to feel healthy and energised everyday. I wanted to share with you all the true struggles the real life situation and how I can really help you change your eating crap head games to win every single time.

b. truth: let me take you on a little journey…

I hated photos…;

I drank V drinks every morning before work;

I had no energy or drive and couldn’t get moving;

I was hiding every insecurity; tummy rolls; cellulite thighs; biting my fingernails;

I felt like crap;

I was always complaining and never felt OK or I was sick with a cold or flu often;

Stomach aches; asthma; headaches every week;

My skin looked old and I was giving up on myself.

Harness the Head Games

‘I’d say:
‘Oh well I am a mum and work hard.. I can’t have it all.
I’m not going to look like I used too..’ I’d repeat the sentence to people and to myself.
‘You know I had a big babies and terrible births blah blah –
‘What’s the point in trying ..?’ I’m not trying to pick up…’
‘These clothes will do … No one looks at me anyway’
‘I’d spend a fortune on my hairstyles and wear bright colours.. just to take away the focus from my body…’
Sound familiar.. ? But
Do you hear these echoes .. theses doubts.. These lingering thoughts?

.. But I changed it… and so can you..

Do you want to know how?
↪️How to get your life on track..
↪️How to stop craving and eating crap; real ways of re-training your brain and triggers
↪️With time efficient quality training and fitness
↪️How to be happy and energised everyday …without sugary caffeinated drinks from the petrol station …

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