21 Anti-Ageing b.tips

21 Anti-ageing b.tips 


We all want it; we all seek to chase it and remain in the hope to feel beautiful and youthful longer. Surely there is a magic elixir? Unfortunately not… however here is some of the most effective ways to slow down the ageing process.

21 Anti Ageing tips:


  1. Water and more water for the skin and entire body cleansing
  2. Blueberries for breakfast
  3. Spinach at least 5 times a week
  4. Almonds as snacks
  5. Suncream daily on your face and body
  6. Yoga weekly
  7. Quiet soothing Music
  8. Exfoliate face and body – 3 monthly Microdermabrasion keep skin fresher http://www.australianskinclinic.com
  9. Moisture morning and night
  10. Walk every morning: before breakfast
  11. Eat salmon once a week – high in protein, fish oils and good fats for your skin
  12. Bath night; soak in the tub with Epson salts
  13. Drink a high quality protein shake rather than eating chocolate : I recommend Body Science Nitrovol Lean Muscle Protein – its delicious and nutritious.
  14. Read before bed helps to relax your brain.
  15. Sleep at least 7 hours a night
  16. Rosehip oil for around eyes or other stressed skin areas decollage.
  17. Meditation when stress level peak : begin by laying flat and simply breathing
  18. Steam your entire body once a week: either in a hot shower or at the gym. This is also a great time to shave and exfoliate afterwards.
  19. Eat vegetables in every meal except dessert of course
  20. Less running and more speed light weight circuits.
  21. Quality over quantity in every aspect of life: from food; to sleep; to exercise to products.


‘A simple life means less stress which equals less mind mess, thus helping our bodies become ageless in the process’ b. x


Health and Happiness always,