5 Ways to Entice Techy Teens to be Active

5 Ways to Entice Techy Teens to be Active

Firstly it’s important to mention the rapid tech advancements in our world and scared, stand off thought of many of us parents as we are left wondering what to do for our kids. We as parents seem to be stuck in a time warp of how we grew up and how we want our kids to have the same youth. Except we forget the fact that we didn’t have the same as our parents or parents/parents and this is ok and it has worked out. It is a new world for kids and an exciting one and we need to prepare them for what they need – and now is the time.

Tech is not going to stop we must go with it.  We must stop fighting it. We can’t go back as much as we would like to. We cannot afford to live in our past, as our children’s lives are different. Many of the forward thinking actions have created greater health changes and scientific breakthroughs. Currently we are risking more than our own sanity but the relationship with our growing children if we consistently fight around technology. As all things in life, limits and balance applies.


As a parent of two growing, independent techy teenagers I see and feel your difficulties daily. I too have come through this speedy tunnel of tech with my kids attached. The addiction to tech bothers me as they seemly want to stay inside more often.  I also understand from their point of view – ask them how they use tech daily to live their lives, take a moment to walk in their shoes with their teenage minds and brain capacity. For example – would you remain inside and view the ‘news’ differently as it explicitly tells you of the tragedy outside. The viewing capacity of children is vast compared to previous eras no wonder the addiction.


We as parents are now forced to communicate clearly the truth of life with our children, if we don’t they will go and search it up.


So how do we tech balance our kids? or teens to help them live a full life that is better than ours. We must teach them how to use tech but also how to ensure health and wellness. The focus should be on health and the body’s ability for good movement, alignment and mobility. We must ensure posture and stretch as well as meditation to help them distress for their own mental health and anxieties.


Getting them active and off tech can be tricky so here are my tips – from Fit Mama; teacher; blogger and author.




Routines should be set to book in times and make them a regular occurrence.  Ensure your have regular ‘talk times with teenagers’; one on one times; the ‘Watch them do things time’ thing they love – engage in active activities with teens often. Lock in fitness times (individual and family fitness) times; tech times on / off – these should only be in 20-30 minutes slots as teenagers minds can not function past this time. This enables time management as well to have set times to talk – dinner table and bed time.


I still talk to my kids at their bed. This will not stop until they ask me not to. The same routine at dinner time when it is the best thing I did today or even a positive thing they saw happen. Looking for positive things makes us see our own positives more readily.



Set challengesfor teens for the doing their washing, or completing a list of set tasks. These tasks are not chores if we call ‘challenges’ to meet their personal achievement file to adult hood. When we reword it they embrace it further. When I even say I have a list of personal challenges I need fulfilled- washing, folding, cleaning – we tend to work together to complete. Even set them to go and get grocery items; buy their own lunch or even make a meal over the weekend. Establish a plan and set about competing it the first time and then it’s up to them. Organizing challenges ensure they feel self worth and this removes the attention-seeking situation most teens go through.



Health chats:

Using time with kids to have health chats over health choices instead of ‘rules rants’ – I call it the ‘health chats over rule rants’. Think about this when talking with teens. Health chats they remain switch on rants they are off once our tones hits rant pitch.

Choose to say – this is a healthier option in relation to food, think of your posture rather than sit up, move your body so you feel better and your confidence is higher. I personally speak honest facts of headspace with my kids. I don’t sugar coat as these kids have been and seen more than we ever did at this age. They can grasp mature concepts and relate better to facts when we speak exact reasons. Gone are the days – oh ‘that’s adult conversation’. These mini adults are better behaved by treating them with respect and listening to their knowledge. No subject is taboo – it is open and free to speak on any topic.


Goals :

Help teens set goals, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Show them how to create their own lifestyle choices by developing routines with goals.

These goals are as simple as sharing the daily plan and what they need achieved to help them feel happy and fulfilled for the day. It includes things like- school work, time to tech, time alone, fitness time, helping each other time and gratitude time. These are all important for all humans and these mini adults need to start their goal setting early to help them achieve to feel self worth; confidence and resilience.



Rewards are for everyone and they include things they want – we make a list of things they would like to buy or places they would like to go. For example fun zones, teenagers active places, beach or any other adventure zone. It’s important as teens that they do and discover these things to build resilience and find adventure plus burn teenage energy.


Other helpful Teens tips:

Attitude is enviable – remember they must have manners and speak kind words. If they don’t reprimand must occur. I simply remove the device for the day. A device supplies freedom to any young adult or teen. Yet freedom comes at a cost of respect, kindness, manners, morals and ethics. I also state that freedom is lost in the real world when people are not kind – so choose wisely.

I use these sentences often-

 Treat others as you wish to be treated.

 You get what you get and don’t get upset.

 Giving kindness will reward you in abundance.

 Never utter unkind words about others.


It may take some effort to set the teens up with these new rules but it will work and the family relationship will be positive. Kids of today need us to go with them, encourage and preserve with them to help change our thinking and their thinking for the best future us all.


Health and Happiness always,