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Jump over to YouTube to help you get your best body faster.  I have put together a series of clips to help your remain focused and energised!

  • View the VLOG content of the blive crew and b.
  • See how to create smoothies or other food options
  • See how to train at home or at the gym



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One thought on “blivewear YouTube can help you!

  1. Hi, I’m super happy to learn about you, I’m 52 years old my name is Aremy Romero, I live in California, but i’m from Mexico, and I wish I would look half of the way you look, please help me, how can I start, what exercises I have to do, how often and for how long, and what about food, usually I eat oats with almond milk, almond, chia seeds plain yogurt ,wheat bran and some blue berries, plus some egg-whites, for breakfast, 3 hours later some fruit usually strawberries and green apple , then 3 hours later protein, chicken, salmon , tuna or egg-whites with salad and vegetables, and at diner same protein with just salad. I workout 3 to 4 dais a week for an hour. please help
    Thank you so much.

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