10 ways to overcome the dreaded ‘GYM’ fear

Got a case of gym fear?

Cannot go into a gym because of:

Fear of judgement, it’s not your scene, fresh air is better, too costly, too many mirrors, going to get too muscly, Alpha girls and men, steroids or that weird day time nightclub feel.

 I feel you and I understand all these reasons and I too once vowed I would never … join a gym.

But ~ I did and I love it!! how and why?

➡I realised I’d lost my way in real fitness training and my body needed a fresh start …actually a big kick up the butt >>

✔it was a place I could train,

✔a place for a break from baby time,

✔it was safe at night,

✔I could run as long as I wanted,

✔I could go anytime early or late, ✔it was cheaper than paying for individual fitness classes and

✔it had a crèche. This means Mumma heaven when you are stuck. So I signed up and since > I have never looked back↩

But I had to get over the above ‘gym head hurdles’ and find a way to make me feel comfortable in this zone I had never been in before…



Here are my:

 b. 10 tips: on how to feel comfortable in the gym …

1.Realise that everyone there feels exactly the same as you. Yes they are all worried about being judged and have the same self conscious body thoughts.

2. Put your head down & music on (add head phones I an use Apple iPod with ear buds headphones due to the fact my ears sweat in big headphones lol)

3. Know your training set before you get there. Take notes on your phone or use your ➕bbodyboost ebook (on your phone) b.gym set or any of b.7sets

4. Get to know the gym floor and where the equipment is that you will use that session. Good gyms have it set up in leg section, back, shoulders, arms, circuit areas, cardio zone or stretch areas.

5. Choose the right gym for you. Go and test ALL the local gyms near your house (free entry for first timers abs sometimes a week free) and get a feel for the one that suits you best, comfortable with the people, all the gym equipment and are the amenities what you require.

6. Gyms are priced right compared to paying for individual fitness classes : starting prices from $14 a week and most gyms offer new classes targeting all types of fitness levels and body areas, they have new equipment, and of course indoor training zones and experts at hand.

7. The equipment is serviced regularly and mostly new so you don’t have the worry about purchasing your own equipment for your house.

8. Gossip session time: Go with a friend ~ someone dependable so you can train together. b.tip➡️Make 2 times a week to train with the friend but it is to go by yourself and get in your own groove.

9. Gyms also offer spa zones with pools, spa, sauna and steam rooms. I highly recommend steam room use for luscious skin and optimal stretch time.

10.Gyms are always open with staff to make you feel safe, the are air conditioned, music on and you can go in the Rain, heat, dark, cold, early, late -anytime✔️


So go ahead …test it out…

and find your fitness groove again.


Health and Happiness always,