Get faster body recovery… for every body in the family.

How to recover faster for all the family… 
with the help of Dr Cool ice wraps by Coolcore Australia.

To recover properly and fast we must ensure we rest, use ice, compression and to stabilise injured areas, while also including elevation of our limbs.  These are the key factors to good health and recovery of our bodies.  Theses ways of recovery are important for all the family members too.

Children also need to recover from either sport training, or injury due to resilience building and/or just being a kid.  We can use the same key factors of recovery (Rest, ICE, compression and elevation) with them also.


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So how can we do this is easy: recover faster for every big body or small with the help of Dr Cool ice wraps by Coolcore Australia.  These functional wraps are a ‘must have‘ for every family. You will never go back to the ‘frozen peas and tea towel’ option ever again.

These ice packs are the most user friendly, functional family health invention for wellness, recovery, injury for all ages, from children, to athletes, general pain to elderly.

Made from durable soft fabric ~ that stablizes the pain area as well as the being a cold press with fabulous ease of use. They can be washed and re used over and over again.

My lil’ crew love them too!! and as a Mum with injuries of all types (small or large) being regular happenings #Mumlife requires ice often. These Coolcore Dr. cool wraps ease the pain and dry up those tears rapidly.

The best thing about them for my family is the kids do not have to just sit – they can move around while ice is applied.
These pliable ice packs can be grabbed from the freezer for easy self handling for little or big hands and can be used for headaches or swelling.

They store in a small package and roll out the recovery fast.
Being made in different sizes so all family members can wear them on various body parts. All you need to do is: ‘Run it under tap with the light blue side up, wring out excess water – place them in the freezer and they are ready for use.
Some of ways we have use them are:

  • Lower back pain from periods and they -lay it out flat.
  • Wrist pain wrap and secure still being able to function normally.
  • Knee bump for the kids and they can wrap and go (re-joining the game).
  • Ankle swelling from being on your feet all day ~ wrap and relax.
  • Wrist soreness from gymnastics.
  • Falling off bike knee injury.
  • Wrapped around drink bottles for cool water during walking or sport activities.
  • Eye soothing after a long day in front of kids teaching.

b.truth➡️The best part for me personally is the fact I can keep going and am not forced to sit while in recovery. Also the lil’ crew can wrap and sit and without me sitting and holding the ice upon injury. They feel better about the fact that they can move around/apply themselves and a huge bonus is the ice pack moulds into injury helping the whole muscles with support unlike ‘ice in a bag’ that does not mould around the injury at all.

This is how to use them effectively:

1. Run under tap with the light blue side up,

2. Wring out excess water,

3. Place them in the freezer and they are ready for use.

I recommend having a closer look for yourself – check it out at:


Health and Happiness always,