Get to know b. better

b. bio 

As a mum of two and working full time as a teacher – family balance is key with all my lifestyle parts.  In regards to training and fitness – coming from a elite sports training level I had become stuck in a rut of doing the same cardio based activities however I sort to find a more effective and time efficient way to train.

My most effective workouts range from running, yoga, weights, HIIT high intensity interval training, walking, cycling and techniques sessions.  I believe the most effective training comes with balance, quality not quantity.

I complete a walk every single day at 6am with the children and dog (on bikes, scooter, skates, walking or running depending on their moods 🙂 for 30 minutes before breakfast has made the most difference to my body.

But my favourite workout set would certainly be a set of

 b. body blaster workout

 Find a stable space spot stairs or hill close by and use a medicine ball (7-9kg)

Complete a warm up walk run of 30 minutes

Medicine ball – walking lunges with tricep extension 12 reps

Medicine ball – sumo squat 12 reps

Medicine ball – core switch push up 12 reps

Stair run/ hill run with or without medicine ball 20 stairs or 20 long steps

Complete set 3-5 times.

Feel the burn and then feel the energy restore to your body.