How to get rid of cellulite… b. really knows how.

Got legs like this? in the first picture. Well that is ok, because so did I and for a long time and shorts were not for my legs. Anyone feel like this? You are training your butt off – aren’t you? You are running, riding, doing cardio classes, yoga and you eat pretty good right! Well so was I … well so I thought.


b.truth:  this image says so much to me: Firstly, yes I am at the World Triathlon Championships and yes I was let’s say, not in peak condition to be racing. I had come off a knee injury for the past 4 months with mostly water running, still cycling long and swimming but I can not believe I even raced. My race time was not so bad but my body condition is evident. Want to find out more of how I changed my food, fitness and happiness for the better.


Image 1: 1999 Triathlon World Championships

Let’s me take you back to the year 1999, I was 22 years old racing olympic and sprint distance triathlons, training everyday with elite athletes. I was at university studying my Bach. Health and Physical Education and I was working at Portmans on the weekends when I was not racing.

Typical food and fitness for a triathlete in 1999:

MOST DAYS consisted of this:

5am – 8am Swim or Cycle long >>on the road sometimes until midday.

Breakfast: cereal, toast, fruit.

Snack: grapes, muesli bars,  (Coke or Gatorade)

Lunch: tuna /chicken and salad wrap more fruit afterwards

Afternoon tea: dried fruit/ chocolate/ sandwich/anything before

4-6pm Running training (long or track set)

Dinner: pasta and bread and salad, roast dinner, steak and salad

Dessert: tea, ice-cream and cake or apple pie (Not every night)



What was I doing wrong ? I was eating ok, balanced I thought and fruit and vegetables and a few treats but I trained hard. Right?


Image 2: This year 2016 summer time, I am 38 years old. I feel energised happy and light. I can wear shorts and I train a lot less than in 1999. I eat more now than in 1999 and I look younger than I was in 1999.

Want to know how? and why?

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Health and Happiness always,



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  1. Hi Belinda! I’m am so amazed at your transformation and feel like I am going through the same situation. Lot’s of cardio with some resistance training but legs just don’t want to get lean. Does the ebook (b.bunddle) consist of a diet and training program? Does the program go for a certain time frame? It would be great to hear from you. Thank you kindly


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