How To Get Those Goals

8 Ways to get those Personal Goals: 

The importance of goal setting & dream creating to find actual life pathways.

We hear it all the time and sometimes we attempt to create a goal list.
We say we should do it!
We also sometimes think ‘as if it’s going to work’
We say I’m destined for this life it not about me creating goals my life is just meant to be …
And no amount of writing down will get me to where I want to be.

I call BS on you. Sorry it actually works for a better and more focused life.


Right this minute 
Take 10 minutes from your busy schedule and write down what you dream to be:
What you want tomorrow if you could dream up anything what would it be.

8 Ways To Goal Set Successfully:
1. Belief – absolutely believe in the process and have faith in your ability to complete.
2. Visualise it – be there, smell it, see it, feel it.
3. Write it down and the more exact details the better.
4. Purpose – view its wholesome purpose to you and your life pathway.
5. Commit – by staying on track and consistently revisit the goal.
6. Stay focused – Force yourself to dream about it often.
7. Plan of action – get the correct information and knowledge base.
8. No time like the present – start now this second.

b.truth: I have never had one doubt in my abilities to get exactly what I want. I work tirelessly to achieve it. It may be personal drive that I’m blessed with or it may be just be a desire to get the most from life. I used to say as a kid I did not know what I wanted to do. I now think the reason why is because I wanted to do everything. I literally wish I could be a lawyer, a surgeon; an actor; live everyday a fulfilled as possible. Maybe I have ADHD (Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder) probably because I just want to function at the highest level in all – the super power of this disorder or ORDER if you may.

All these aspects are motivation. Motivation is created through tireless effort towards becoming resilient. The only way we can teach motivation is by seeing our failures as our learning and by making mistakes and fixing them to make life better for ourself. Our children need to learn this important trait too. We must not rescue them from situations otherwise they will never learn personal preserverance to fix it. My greatest motivation is being the best role model for my kids by actually showing them a real determination and drive towards well established goals. We talk about our goals even setting weekly and monthly family goals. It may be as simple as meeting to play a board game or complete reading of a novel. We also create family holiday goals where and we work towards them discussing how we will even budget towards making our family goal dream come true.

Wishing you a big planning session towards great goal setting.

Health and Happiness always,