How to remain motivated in the cooler months in 10 simple ways!

These are the ways I personally remain motivated when the temperature cools down and these 10 ways will help you to stay focussed without the binge on high salt and warm fatty foods OR even when you want to linger in bed or take the ‘I’m so tired head option’.

Yes… we all feel like this and these are the ways to stay driven, and it all means staying healthy for myself and my lil’ family.


The fact is: if we stay moving and eating well we remain healthy all year round.

b.motivated in the winter months


  1. Set that real health and body goal and do not lose sight of it.


  1. Take pride in being up in the cold while others are sleeping.


  1. Remember it takes 10 weeks to make a noticeable body change, so imagine unveiling your new body in the first weeks of Spring.


  1. Think food prep is easier in winter because it warms up the house with the oven on – bake that b.granola


  1. Oats are such a great food option for those cold morning and nights for dessert – add some grated apple and a sprinkle of coconut sugar (rather than puddings and ice cream).


  1. Sweat feels great in the winter, so get those pores open for beautiful skin health.


  1. Reward yourself with a steam room session after you train to help recover your muscles as the warmth will help you relax and feel invigorated.


  1. If you are watching a movie or having one of those TV series binge ➡stretch and add in a 3x set of abs.


  1. Train indoors or in the midday sun > complete 1 or more of the clip from blivewear YouTube channel and enjoy the sunshine or indoor alone time with tunes up loud.


  1. If you do have an off day ~ take it onboard, be ok with it and make the next day really count.



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Health and Happiness always,