Kids Lunch Boxes

Let’s talk kids lunch boxes and how to make Mama life a lot easier for all involved.  Firstly, let me begin by saying lunchbox food is at the discretion of the parent and a teacher should not make remarks about the food being bought to school as this is not in our jurisdiction.  I do personally understand for both point of views – being both and seeing both sides daily.

I personally have a very picky eater in my midst and the struggle for him to eat certain foods due to his texture palette is difficult.  However as the paediatrician once said, ‘this is affecting you more and creating more stress in you and he feels it this is not beneficial.  He then went on to say ‘he is nourished and he is clearly not starving. Focus the food you are able to provide for breakfast and dinner this is more than enough and let the pressure go on the lunch situation.’  This has stuck with me and it has worked.  His meals at home are on point and his lunch box is now up to him – he know the benefits and detriments to his choices and he make 80% good choices so the other 20% is learning and resilience building.

The three best tips I can share to help that Mama morning routine and help our kids to feel more confident and make better choices for food are below.

Top 3 Three lunchbox Tips

  1. Kids need good nourishment while ensuring low sugar for longer lasting energy. When we fill lunch boxes with high sugar items it our affects children attention and energy levels.  Thus causing them to feel either sugar high and result in restlessness or misbehaviour and then sugar low resulting in tears and/or become moody.  These then affect the child immensely in the school situation as they are less inclined to listen and inattentive.
  2. Food should be easy to consume (cut up – raw – less packets) as kids are busy at school and lunchtimes are a rush to play. A big thing I notice everyday as I work teaching in school with kids – is the unbelievable amount of food kids are supplied with daily in lunchboxes. The kids then assume they must eat it all and then spend the entire lunch break sitting & consuming it without a moment to play. (They are trying to do what Mum or Dad said- ‘eat all your lunch’) however it is more food than an adult would consume. I understand picky eaters and options are good for kids but portions are more important to consider.
  3. Remember our best stomach measuring device for all ages is our fist. Look at their hands that’s the meal size for kids Morning Tea; Lunch and fruit snack thoughtful eating is our key to wellness; health and body development. 

I hope these tips help you and your children to a less stress and nourished lunch box.

Health and Happiness,