MY MUST HAVE TOP 10 Summer Essentials

After much research of fashionistas around the world plus being an avid ‘fashion obsessor’ I have compiled my must have list of summer essentials.

Summer is all about the freedom and freshest feels in clothing and this is easy attained with a collection of multi usable items.

  1. large sun hat – felt grey is my favourite for this summer but I am seeking the ultimate black head shade.
  2. one teaspoon denim shorts – Do not even try to purchase other brands they are never as perfect –
  3. crisp well made singlets/ tee shirts/ button up shirt/ camisoles– my favourite and seen in this picture is
  4. cross over slides –
  5. neon toe nails and finger nails  – nail polish is seriously my hidden tip
  6. stripe dress or combination pieces of skirt and crop top – or had a few fantastic options.
  7. printed floaty loose shorts with a v in the thigh – it’s very leg lengthening
  8. mix and match swimwear –  with weaved details, brazilian bums and active shapes
  9. lace / white / black dresses – www. for total luxury or check out
  10. nude heels – pointed toe – TIP>>>>>so many people get this wrong with the colouring being too pink or Patent … OH NO!  (never ever ever purchase patent nude heels!!) make sure they are good quality leather and perfect tone for your skin- or




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