No likes; No worries.

How to remove the worry about ‘likes and followers’ on social media.

Firstly, let’s look at this with some real perspective;

In life we have and collect friends to enhance and bring value to our life. It is based on real life conversations, communication and how that particular persons makes us feel: whether it be happy, loved, appreciated or wanted.

In regards to social media ‘likes and followings’ it is very different as we feel liked and feel like we have an importance of value but quite literally it has ‘no real life value’ due to it not being 100% genuine communication or relationship of face to face.  ‘Likes and followings’ do not equate to money or wealth and nor does it to self-worth.

Let’s delve into this a little closer.

People with a ‘high followers’ rate on social media have their other businesses or funnel business creating the money which is a feeder to their media account. It is simply NOT their account that collects the followers. They either have a multimedia set of accounts working in conjunction: YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, published books or they have created apps.  But mostly they were already famous or famous for other reasons.

High Followers:

Many of these ‘high followers’ accounts also have organised social page that give impact in print media or use public relations. They also have a team of SEO experts working in collaboration to ensure the total page share. Do not fall into the trap of believing it is because of their ONE Instagram account or their content as it simply isn’t true. It is a business.

Buying Likes and Followers:

Many people also buy followers and buy likes – and what a sad state of mind this is. Nobody should feel uncertain or insecure to have to pay a online company to collect bots to provide ‘likes and followers’.  Also when these are purchased many users feel ‘ripped off’ as these bots slowly drop off or create havoc across media accounts.

Have you ever had a friend buy likes or followers?

Of course …we all have ..and they deny it (lol) but unfortunately it’s obvious they purchased followers as they gain an overnight flood of followers. When you buy ‘followers or likes’ you lose instant credibility with fellow professionals and also your ‘real 3D life friends’. They suddenly see you as needy, insecure and lacking self-worth. Not only that most believe; that you would cheat in other aspects of your life therefore overall trust is lost.

Pit fall of Content and Imagery:

Content or imagery plays a huge part in getting followers but at what cost. For example: images of sexual connotations will receive a higher amount of likes – this is human nature – and with the multitude of women and men willing to sell their bodies for likes and followings it will create an emotion in someone thus them wanting it or liking it.  This is ok if you are planning on going into a career of pornography or a free willing lifestyle. But if your plan on going to University to study and educate yourself to get a professional career then it is time to look at the cost of the imagery and content and the person you are sharing as you.

At what cost does showing and sharing your body online come at:
1.These images stay with your NAME forever! yes forever! They cannot be removed and if you #hashtag or @ them well.. they are then up for grabs for anyone to use… at anytime.
2.If you are planning on being a professional in anything: Remember all your images from Instagram; Snapchat; Facebook is the ‘click of your name’ and ANY image (even private imagery can be found and come up) for all to view. This mere fact has caused many problems for employers and employee over the past few years with more explicit images being visual and attached to the employee they can be used, screenshot and shared with names attached. This is not the type of reflection many companies want or need to be concerned with: so they simply will not employ the person.

Eg. Would you like the girl who on the weekend who shares images; close up’s of her booty dancing around a pool with men all over her, swearing in her written content; then pushing her breasts up on a screen to be: Defending you in a court of law, working with your children; be at your shop front; OR providing you with any type of medical information. No?
3.Think before you upload every single time: What would my parents or Grandma or Grandpa think? because this is the age category at which you are trying to impress if you are applying for a job as a professional and they are your potential employer.

How to get professional likes and followers:

To explain further, some of the most highly sort after people DO NOT have a huge following and do not have thousands of likes however they have a professional attitude, a genuine nature, and produce beautiful content daily. It is the honest human brand of the person and it is of these professional businesses that will get ‘paid’ for their content, paid for their view and shared as they are the genuine realness of the person or brand with expertise.  How do we know this?  It shows on your insights as to how well ‘you’ rank amongst the millions and this is available to all when they seek to find your true value.


I honestly become sadden most days, when I see students who I have taught become caught up in this media world, and who put their beautiful young bodies up for sale almost. I am scared for them! This is the reason I have written this, if I can stop one of them making this tragic and life changing mistake I will sleep better at night, as it honestly keeps me up.

In regards to me:  b. I have NOT ever bought a ‘like or follower’ because I will never ‘buy a friend’. The reason why I work so hard on this is because I want to give the people who genuinely ‘like me or follow me’ all my attention, expertise and experience. They care about me and I care about them and everyday I have gratitude for them. Even if the number was 25 they are just as important at the 39K who send love every single day.

So before you go ahead searching to get ‘followers or likes’ on the various YouTube channels or/and other internet avenues.
THINK carefully about how you sell yourself online because it is:

Your creditably; your self-worth and it is higher than a shallow limited mind set of a number, likes or followers; because you deserve to be seen as a human with value, educated and a soul willing to work hard for all the things in your life.

Health and Happiness always,


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  1. I am so happy I read this because I have always felt this way but sometimes I see others with loads of likes and feel less self worth for a little bit. But I know that the online world is fake and a lot of the time it paints a fake picture of people’s lives. The communication with people in person is way more important and real life moments should be cherished.
    Thank you for this it was so nice to read

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