Seek Adventures


Seek to overcome fears and monotony  with adventures.

Today, I hit the sky for some lifted peace and tranquility. It’s humbling to see how we ‘sweat the small stuff’ all too often and when we lift ourselves from the norm can we suddenly understand this. Seek adventures to find your best qualities; as the realm of monotony can drown you into thinking you cannot do things.

Hot Air Ballooning – Gold Coast

It was an early start with a 4.30am meet at the Grand Mercure Resort Gold Coast. As I walking into foyer my fellow dream drifters were all sitting anticipating a wonderful morning, the only was we could not all open our eyes.   As the safety briefing was completed we loaded onto a bus.

The ground crew staff member Merv, a total delight at 4.30am in the morning was informing us of where we were headed- Canungra-Beaudesert as the morning wind was being tested for that perfect flight.

The drive through the valley of the Gold Coast hinterland was lovely as we saw the dew lifting from the ground and baby animals awaking from their autumn morning slumber.

As we drew near to our destination for lift off, what a sight to see! As we rounded the corner to the green lush open fields with the balloon filling taking over the skyline.  The sun was just coming up over the mountains slowly but it was off the bus and climbing straight into the basket.

The basket holds 20 people and it is lined with soft leather and rope for comfort, handles to hold onto and we all had plenty of space to be comfortable standing watching the world waking in the distance.

Up up and Away

As the sound of the gas burner filling the balloon awoke our ears, the excitement built as the lift off was imminent.

As we rose from the ground the sight of green fields took in our view; the sky became brighter but the most delightful part was the silence, the peaceful float, the sound of not a bird only the view of the sunrising and the sweet sound of people gasping with sheer joy.

The Flight

The flight seemed to go for such a short time, even though it was 60 minutes in the air.  We watched other balloons in the sky adrift, the mountains, the distant Gold Coast skyline.  The cows in the paddock and kangaroos bouncing away as the balloon shadows was cast upon their fields.


The Landing

As the balloon flight ended the instructions were given to prepare for landing.  We used a brace position holding onto the ropes and pushing back into the comfortable back supports in the basket.  The excitement of landing was sheer delight especially for some of the passengers screaming giggles.  We hit the grass paddock with a little bump skidded along the top the grass to stop and not with a wobble at all.  Good balloon landing I’d say!

As the kangaroos hopped further from the field we all climbed out of the basket helping one another over the basket sides.


It was an adventure to remember, I really loved it and I especially enjoyed the different aspect of our beautiful Gold Coast.  I was a little anxious about the lift off; that sinking tummy feeling however this did not happen at all.  It was a breathtaking float with a slight lift and no jolting.  I would highly recommend it to all families; it is for the light hearted thrill seeker – Go on a Hot Air Balloon experience to start your adventure list.

Big thanks to and Balloons Aloft, Gold Coast

Health and Happiness always,