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The b.bodyboost is the exact way I transformed myself. The results speak for themselves. I have created a body that is healthy, fit, strong, lean and aligned and all after having two kids and working full time! You can do it too!!

I have provided you with my:
➕Total fitness (indoor & outdoor) guide
➕Food lifestyle plan
➕Gym program
➕Circuit program
➕Wellness tips

The b.bodyboost is a comprehensive ebook filled with fitness/food plan, how­to images everything you need to create your best body & as well as gaining optimal health. All for only $69.95 (Cheaper than one personal training session!)

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The b.bodyboost the MUST HAVE Fitness and Food program for OVER 30’s -40’s – 50’s written by b.

It is every single detail of how she changed her life and HOW you can too have the same energy, health PLUS feel lean and light!

***ONLY $14.95 includes postage and handling

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