b. Glam Glow Up Book Deal $7.95



IT IS EVENT SEASON – Do you want to ‘Radiant your rarity’ b.x 

and shine like the whole universe is yours in only 7 days??


These next 7 days of food and fitness sessions are all about the: 

 ‘b.glam glow up’ because it’s different at this time of year as the body responds in various ways to the event season. It’s that time with parties to pop in to, canapés to eat and champagne to cheer. But to feel and look our best we need to stay functional, food on point to glow up right night after night especially after missing so much in this crazy year. I want you in 7 days to be skin boosted and feel body confident.

My personal purpose is to feel fresh with lustre skin. To look as healthy as possible, to feel light & lean because that feeling reflects and looks great in any outfit. I am so grateful to represent my own brand of me but also other phenomenal brands and this fact inspires me to step up. 

This is the genuine way I glam up for events. I truly follow this consistently in this NEW and never before released I am sharing my true ‘7 day food & fitness rotation secrets. 

For more detail on getting event ready – 

Check out my ‘b.glam glow up’ with my

NEW ‘7 day glam glow up guide’

an exact  list of food and fitness to help you now with fast and fresh facts for 7 days to be skin boosted and body confident.

Plus a two ebook package (10 day body blast food routine with specific b.body boost fitness program allocation for bursting confidence – only $7.95 until Saturday) download your copies NOW. 

Read the new program and follow the books as your guide!





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