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Have you lost your way? through the motherhood or experienced a painful relationship break down.

Have you been cheated on? and is your current self worth non-existence.

Have you lost your way within body or mind? Do you need a fitness routine reboot or a home routine specific to your needs?

Is your daughter struggling with her personal fitness in her teens?

Do you need a body kicker just once a month or twice a year?

Welcome to the b.ONE-ONE trainer  (mind set and fit reboot program)  to help you. 

This is a unique opportunity is where b. will help you session by session ONE on ONE PT and Mindset where ever you live in our beautiful world. It is a FACETIME session once a week or once a month or when ever you need me to help to reboot or reignite your fitness program.  

70 minute PT/mindset session direct to your home space with me.  I will train with you and take you through a session or write you a personalised program.  I will offer you  mindset training to help motivate or reconfigure your personal story to achieve your best mind and body.   

You all asked for it and now I am making myself available to you. 

I am offering these session for only $95 per session at times that suit you.  I can train you in your own home on FaceTime, I can support you and ensure you are getting your best each session.

Book your b.FACE time session now! 

Click below to initiate your start to a energy and invigorated mind set the NEW MIND and BODY for you too.

“The success of this program is unbelievable with all clients totally rebooted in new habits”.  

Acclaimed author of Fit Mama and 4 other titles; fitness & health educator and the voice of Tummies, Teens and Tantrums’ Podcast, writer, speaker, award winning blogger, 40 + women’s fitness and alignment expert, personal trainer, massage therapist and teacher – this Mama of two teens is one busy woman achieving daily to help all become their best. 

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