Fit Mind & Body (One on One) 10 Week Total Reboot Program


From acclaimed author of Fit Mama – Belinda Norton – her new Fit Mind program encompasses all you need to overcome, reboot and rebuild from the deepest adversity.

This online Step by Step program with one to one motivation and strategies will ensure success for you – whether you are seeking motivation and inspiration or a complete body and mind overhaul the program is set by you with full access to Belinda Norton as your personal coach.

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Fit Mind & Body (One on One) 10 Week Total Reboot Program

By Belinda Norton


“The success of this program is unbelievable with all clients totally rebooted in new habits”.  

Acclaimed author of Fit Mama and 4 other titles; fitness & health educator and the voice of Tummies, Teens and Tantrums’ Podcast, writer, speaker, award winning blogger, 40 + women’s fitness and alignment expert, personal trainer, massage therapist and teacher – this Mama of two teens is one busy woman achieving daily to help all become their best. 

 In order to create a fit body we must at first work with our mind. Mind fitness is the first step towards motivation, commitment and complete understanding of why you are where you are placed or stuck in life right now. In this unique 10 week ONE TO ONE Fit mind and body program I will personally guide you steps by step to ensure you succeed in the rebooting of your total mind and body.

If you have had a mental challenge whether it be within a relationship breakdown with yourself or a partner Belinda will guide you through.  Her expertise is within rebooting the body and mind post break-up; developing new habits for single mum’s and ensuring you find the balance in body and mind you deserve to create a quality life for you and your children.

The package includes: 10 WEEKS of one to one personal access to Belinda Norton

  • Weekly FaceTime calls (scheduled on a Sunday evening to help you reboot for your week) to unleash your true self (10 x 30 minute sessions OR 5 x face to face meet 1hour sessions – or your unique combination) valued at $400 
  • Personalised strategies to help you reboot your mindset and motivation. Steps to inspire the most rigid mindset. Valued at $80 per hour
  • Focus is on your rebuild (including  marriage breakdown & reboot and single parenting planning for success and time management)
  • New habit creation with lacklustre habit revisions.
  • Conducting specific mobility and alignment issues for you to ensure over balance – options for specific focus on menopause, ageing, 40+fitness Valued at $95 per hour
  • Personalised goal setting to successfully achieve your ultimate life goals
  • Compassion and understanding for all situations
  • Female and Male programs available
  • Emails motivation contact – all personalised to help your stay on track – Optional –
  • 2 x Personal training sessions (live or online) Valued $160 
  • Guidance, support and guaranteed privacy
  • Check in’s and general life scheduling to put you back on track.
  • FREE ebook copies of ALL b.books including extras – to read pre-initial meeting Valued at $80 
  • Specific mantra sent to help you add to your life

Total value of package $1590 

ONLY $1190 – limited places in this 10 week block STARTING FEBRUARY.

It takes 10 minutes to flip a mindset, 10 hours to flush a body system, 10 days to change a habit, 10 weeks to full reboot your body and mindset. b.x

This 10 week package is valued at over $1390 with the Fit Mind success rate of 100% and many of the b. crew beginning this 2020 with unbelievable clarity and new habits in place it was time to unveil to all.

The new Fit MIND 10 week block begins in February – spaces are filling fast with the second next intake beginning APRIL – Start your 2020 off the right way. Today!

To book your spot click link and receive your first email within 24 hours to connect ONE on ONE with me.

Let’s go it is YOUR time to SHINE!