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Have you ever thought about what makes a good wife in our modern world? How should we define female and male roles today, when so many things have changed in our society?

This raw and compelling memoir examines the life of one woman as she juggles her career with the demands of motherhood, whilst seeking a beautiful life on her own. Belinda shares the truths of her broken relationship and how she overcame her heartbreak.

She lets us into her honest world of health & fitness and shows how she helps women every day to make changes to improve their lives, and avoid her mistakes.

This book will encourage you to embrace every part of womanhood while making you laugh, cry and smile. Read how she has transformed her life into her very own beautiful chaos, and how you too can live your life in a brand new way, even after adversity.




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  • b.kickstarter – recipe book
  • b.bodyboost – ultimate food and fitness program
  • 10 Day BodyBlast – how to prepare for an event in b. photoshoot style
  • BECAUSE I WAS A BAD WIFE ebook that share the entire story of how you can change your life to be highly energised and a healthier happy person for your life.

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