Solve your mental exhaustion in 5 easy steps.

Solving mental exhaustion in 5 easy steps:

Mental exhaustion and physical exhaustion are our biggest motivation killers… so how do we get motivated? when we are mentally exhausted.

Let’s looks a standard scenario.. Feeling tired? Had a huge day at work? Or massive day at home; maybe the kids are driving you crazy? And now you have to hit the gym! or you have to exercise. Instead talking yourself into resting ‘this one session out’.

Nobody is immune to this feeling … but there is a way to motivate yourself and get bursting with energy rather than further deep exhaustion.

What is mental exhaustion?

It is our mind telling our body that we are fatigued. Fatigue can come be both physical and mental factors and generally is caused from a low heart rate. Therefore if we boost our heart rate; endorphins are released; thus making our body become energized and reinvigorated. There are many ways mental exhaustion can be improved either by yoga; sleeping; meditation but the best way is by speeding up your heart rate with exercise. It clears your mind and the endorphins make you feel happier thus becoming motivated to do more thing and get more done.

5 tips of how to get motivated to exercise:


  1. Make the training sessions fun – when we are social and meet friends for a weekly set it gives us more motivation to attend and we are less likely to let our friend down. Try a new fitness class; or new venue to train.
  • b.truth: my latest love is outdoor testing lots of new fitness classes at a variety of venues.  I have been doing; a variety of gym session, running, cycle classes, functional training sessions, weights, walking dates with friends, hill sprints, stair climbs, sand running no matter what though its exciting to be doing something new often.
  1. Get sweaty as it makes you feel better: it clears you pores and helps your body to detoxify. Make the goals to get sweaty as possible. Add a steam in at the end of the session to really invigorate.
  • b.truth: I use the steam room every Thursday after my speed session with the b.crew members to stretch and cleanse my skin: ready for exfoliation of skin.  It helps to lengthen the muscles (making them appear leaner) however ensure you drink at least 1 litre of water after.

3. Listen to loud and bass style music as it helps you to stay focused and on time. Try training with headphone when you are alone. It helps the brain to switch off to the outside sounds and puts your in a calm relaxed state.

  • b.truth: my fave song is : Stronger by Kayne West it keeps me going and striving harder.  I listen to it on repeat when my headspace is weak.


  1. Have a training plan: know what you are going to do before you begin the session: write a plan or follow a well-guided fitness program and stipulate to yourself before starting. Ensure you complete it all.
  • b.truth: I use the b.bodyboost ebook for 3 x sessions every single week, it keeps my body aligned and fitness in check so I don’t have to think about training. ( I don’t have time to always come up with new ideas; so I stick with my b.plan and then add in other sessions as bonuses)


  1. Do not tell yourself you are tired. You are not! You are just unmotivated: say Ok _______( insert name)______ you are not tired, your are not the victim, your can achieve and today I will! So get going girl!
  • b.truth: we are all some form of tired; the key is not to say it aloud or to yourself over and over.  Tired normally in most cases lazy.  In my head I will say: I feel lazy! believe me when you replace tired with the word lazy you head will kick you in the butt!


A normal day in the life of b. is also exhausting and as my friends say it daily ‘how do you live your life?’.  The difference is I love being busy; I love fitting life in; I love helping others. 

Of late I must admit is has become increasingly difficult to fit everything in; especially doing 2 children ( High school – Primary school with extra homework and kids commitments) all as a single mamma ; full-time teaching; helping other women through the b.livewear program and also finding time for myself and general life chores. But you can do it too… i

But it’s all in the balance motivation.  If we are in a ‘get it done’ head space we can achieve anything.  If we are in a ‘I’ll do it later’ head space it never gets done.

Remaining in a ‘get it done + positive’ head space is the destination we all want to be in and it is actually not too hard to stay there.  It starts in by not letting the distraction thoughts take over; and by allowing yourself leeway to not have it perfect.

For example: the clothes do not need to be folded perfectly ; but time to sit and listen to kids talk to you does.  Sitting scrolling through instagram or other social media is our biggest time waster and mine too; firstly : notice ‘your scroll habits’ –

1. Put the phone down.

2. Get active and refreshed 

3. Go get enjoying the real life and get more done.

‘I hope these tips help you too as it’s all what I really do’ b. x

Health and Happiness always,









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  1. These are great tips for mental exhaustion. Having mental exhaustion can sometimes make you not want to workout or sometimes eat healthy at all. This is great advice to stay motivated! Thanks for sharing!

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