Stripes ====== black and white

In fashion many patterns come and go but stripes well they are forever. Stripes particularly black and white tops can make any pair of jeans chic.
Striped long sleeve tshirt in good fabric with any block colour bottom piece is a winner in any fashion field.

This season the striped tee will be perfection with Karki cargos, denim jeans in blue, black, beige, karki or leather pants.
Denim skirts are back- (tell me you kept it hidden in a little draw) wear it with the striped tee with a pair of slides.

You see stripes trick the eye into making your top half look wider therefore making your hips and legs thinner.

The trick to purchasing this top is –
✔️must have narrow stripes no wider then 0.5cm
✔️it must have a sleeve at least to your elbow – preferable to wrist.
✔️the wider the neck hole across your collar bones the more flattering on your neck and makes your body look thinner.

Now go in search …
Good luck