The TV Show that Woke Up Our Youth

Sing the Praises to the Australian Ninja Warriors

Thank goodness something decent to watch on TV and inspiring too.

Why has all of Australia fallen in love with this show? Well it’s simple.


They are real role models with real strength no fake stuff and genuine physical and mental capabilities.


They cannot fake it in a studio, they cannot cheat or use mental manipulation of another person to win; they are not speaking unkind words to each other; they are not shouting abuse at one another; it is not gender specific; or not only for the pretty or rich.  It is pure, raw, visible physical challenge. It’s good clean fun and exhilarating to watch for all the family and something that we actually all needed to see.


It has become apparent what we have been seeking to view on our screens is now evident. It comes in the a package of a real role models; people with personal strength; both mental and physical. It is for all ages and they are everyday people conquering a course of obstacle and becoming their own and our genuine hero. An individual with a specific set of physical challenges to overcome. They must have speed, timing and be person who can do it all. The big bonus; they are not hurting anyone.  It is not violent, it is not hash, there is no bullying or verbal abuse of another human.  There is no gossip and no sexual connotations.



These everyday heroes are from different backgrounds. They are our next door neighbours; our friends; our coaches; fisherman, Dad, Mum’s.  They are uncles, aunties or cousins. They work everyday, and they train weekdays or weekends. They are not socially regarded or well off. They are real.  They are from all types of ethnic background and anyone can do it.



This type of inspiring person is finally being shared within our country as they have the real health aspect every person should aspire too. These people look after their bodies in a normal healthy way. They ar not on crazy diets and they do not have huge muscles.  They are all sharing their own positive body love by being all different shapes and sizes. These people are the epitome of health. This type of visual of a healthy human with a hero aspect is our secret to helping our youth. The show has created our best way to improve our children health in Australia. Kids and teenagers have actually turned off iPod and iPhone’s and are glued to the screen watching athletes; real athletes of multiple abilities. They are not watching the gaming YouTube’s, or fitness models with endless scrolling on social media; not bodybuilders, not drugged or alcohol fuelled ‘elite’ athletes or footy players who have been in a weekend brawl. But athletes who have speed, flexibility, agility and genuine strength.  These people all from the humble beginnings of climbing and body weight strength exercise.


Some of the inspiration from Ninja Warrior are already happening in schools, day care Centre’s and gyms. Children and adults suddenly want to climb, want to test their own strength, want to safely risk take; want to put down their technology and want to feel their own self value. They want to use their body to it’s ultimate purpose which is strength, agility and mobility all using body weight. This type of fitness or exercise creates excellent body function and personal satisfaction plus it has a huge dose of fun included.


Many of these types of gyms have opened up in the last few months and huge congratulations to these business owners. I hope this phase stays and I hope we see a change in our overall health bodies and their uses in the coming years.

This type of body strength activity will enhance your overall health. It will also enhance our children’s overall health and development. When we can hold and carry our self up and around physically; we are more inclined to be able to it mentally too. This is a massive bonus for our health care system and for our youth.


Fitness is about enjoyment and about creating our best healthy body. I look forward to seeing more young bodies moving in the right way.


This is not a paid promotion: this is a genuine view on how I honestly believe this TV show could finally be the changing of health and as created some real role models for kids.

Share your thoughts with me.

b.truth: I personally could not do what these Ninja Warrior’s do.  

Health and Happiness always,



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