7 Biggest Female Training & Weight Loss Mistakes

The key to achieving our best weight loss or health goals as quick as possible means making less mistakes on the journey. We all make mistakes, but fewer it better!

To save you time and effort, I have collected the b. Top 7 fitness and health mistakes for female training.  I discuss these daily with the b. crew in the hope to help every woman achieve their best body for life not just for moments.

1. Not enough weight training

Weight training will NOT make you bulky or chunky. It will however reshape and strengthen your muscles.

These are the muscles that hold your entire body together; it will giving you a leaner shape, improve your posture; and improve your mobility and overall health.

b.truth: Weight training rid my legs of cellulite, and it can do the same for yours too. The combination of light weights and speed training reshaped my muscles lengthening and strengthen creating a better leg shape.

Other ways to help you remain happy in training

2. Too much cardio / Variety in types of training

Cardio alone will not give you your best body shape.

Cardiovascular fitness training (running, walking, cycling) will maintain your weight and certainly help to keep you healthy and mobile, but it will not enhance your weight loss and it will not alone give you optimal health.

Variety is key in life but also in fitness training too. The more you mix it up, the more you keep your body guessing and improving itself.

b.truth: I personally, complete weights circuits, walking and running cardio, bike riding, swimming, surfing, skateboarding, yoga every single week. 

3. Too much rest / Infrequency in body training

Rest is ok and yes we must rest but women are born endurance athletes; we are built to endure a lot of pain and busy days without a lot of rest.

In order to get our best body we must train it every single day; however the intensity of the training will alter to help our body recovery and replenish.

This is where we choose a type of exercise to suit and mind and body.  Sweat and a hard set can change your whole world.

4. Too much meat

Women do not need to consume red meat for iron alone; we do not need to consume processed meat ever.

Iron is found in many other foods that provide our bodies with effective nutrients to fuel our bodies successfully. Red meats are very difficult for our bodies to process and out stomach acid are actually not strong or acidic enough to break it down.

(Next time you eat red meat – notice how it makes you feel? notice the bloat – notice the next day and how your body has processed it?)

5. Incorrect weights

Women should be lifting weights no heavier than your actual body weight. Heavy weight lifting will cause your muscles to shorten thus causing them to become bulky.

To stop this happening stick to :

10kg max on your arms ;

15kg max on your shoulders;

70kg max on your legs.

Ensure you complete high repetition and some speed efforts but always ensuring your are aligned and never EVER dropping the weights. Dropping weights is counteractive to the effort you completed lifting them in the first place; so same speed up and same speed down gently means longer leaner muscle building and body shaping.

6. Too much sugar (and how to fix craves!)

Sweet sugar we need and sweet sugar we seek to find often; BUT unfortunately, sugars kill collagen in our skin. YES kills it! So if you want wrinkles faster in your life then eat sugar.

To avoid these sugars and ‘flexible diets’, seek to eat suitable sweets that kill the crave but are free of toxic and addictive sugars.

Toxic foods that are highly addictive include: donuts, chocolate, cake and biscuits.  These foods are NOT ever required for our bodies.

When we do choose to eat them it takes 10 days to get rid of the addictive taste from our palette and mind.  We are actually better to say NO to these and choose an alternative instead.

Replacement foods enhance our health and skin thus providing our body and mind with better overall wellness. Find natural sugars in many fruits and also in long lasting proteins.

b.peanut butter jelly smoothie

b.iced chocolate smoothie

b. truth: I crave these foods too; and when I do get the taste for it and it just won’t go away.  I try very hard to make a healthy alternative that is similar in taste and it usually satisfies.  If the taste and need will not go away after all avenues have been tried; I will have a bite; just one bite of my crave and slowly chew. The more you chew the more in release in endorphins suppressing the need for more thus saving your body from the ill effects of stomach issues, skin breakouts and other body issues.

7. Food Portions

Eat often to help stablise your metabolism: Six meals a day of a highly nutritious and delicious green, coloured fresh foods.

Making each meal no bigger than your fist will keep you energised and feeling fuller longer.

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Health and Happiness always,